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The versatile wagon that effortlessly carries 10 gallons of water, as well as tools and seating.



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WELCOME GARDENERS!Join The Big Daddy Garden Caddy Family.

Make gardening more pleasurable and simpler for everyone in the gardening community – functionally and ergonomically.

That means less totin’ while gardening and less achin’ when you’re done. Spend less time working and more time focusing on your true joy, gardening.

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ABOUT USOur Inspiration Was You!

Designed to minimize body aches and pains
and transport everything you need to the garden at once.

Reggie Douglas and Jonathan Stanke partnered to form Big Daddy Garden Caddy, Inc. After much research and surveying the gardening community, they discovered countless gardeners suffer through physical ailments such as back pain and knee pain while gardening. In addition, many gardeners make countless trips back and forth to gather all gardening supplies and water hoses before they start working the soil.

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FEATURESHeavy on Features to Lighten the Load

The multi-purpose gardening caddy.

This patented gardening caddy features a 10 gallon water reservoir and hose, storage for tools and supplies, and even functions as a seat while you work. The cart has a light weight ergonomic handle and 360 degree swivel front wheel to make maneuvering around the yard easy and enjoyable.

• Senior Gardeners
• Millennial Gardeners
• Community Gardens
• Rooftop/Patio Gardens
• Hard to Access Areas

FEATURESDesigned for Purpose

Unique features to make your gardening life easier.

Water pump & reservoir
Battery powered electric pump option or Manual pump option
Easy pivot 360° front wheels
Tool/accessory attachments & slots
Removable cover with storage cavity
Cushioned seat can be removed and used as a knee pad
Holds 10 gallons of water
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